SNS Dipping Powder Nails Review 2020

Manicure lovers have a love-hate relationship with their nails. Most ladies cannot stand used, abused, discolored, broken, cracked, unhealthy or naked nails. However, facing the fear of broken nails is what we are left with when there is no polish. The fact is a life without beautiful nails is almost impossible, yet chemical treatments, gels, and acrylics that we rely upon do us more harm than good. Nonetheless, the question remains, are we willing to jeopardize the health of our nails for beauty? Maybe you are one of those who love decorating their nails, but then the destruction that comes with it keeps you worried. A time has come when you have to consider nail manicure alternatives.

Within the last few years, salon nail treatments have been revolutionized by significant breakthroughs. Also, if you are the kind of a person who likes DIY manicures at the comfort of your home but then you are looking for a less abrasive, faster, cheaper, and healthier alternative from your previous type of manicure then you should go for SNS dip nails.

After applying SNS dip powders, the brush used in the process tends to dry out if not taken care of. Just as a precaution, make sure that you learn how to use your SNS kit, especially taking care of the brush that you use. A paper towel is needed for wiping the brushes after use. It is also required together with acetone to clean the bottle edges. Refills for SNS powders are not recommended. It is necessary to get rid of the old colors before acquiring new ones. SNS dipping powder colors are available in 1 oz. They also come in different sizes, namely 2, 4, and 16 oz. Users should also be aware of how they can prevent a manicure lift off. Any existing cuticles need to be filed away before the gel base is applied. Further, you should apply the gel over any cuticle. Also, keep a ¾ gap between the cuticle and the point where you start applying the gel base.     

SNS Bases and Sealers

An SNS nail kit and a base sealer are the first thing that you need for a dip powder manicure. Every nail kit comes with an EA bond, sealer dry, a gel base, and a gel top. Your nails derive strength from the gel base because it contains vitamin E and calcium, allowing the nails to grow thicker. Sealer dry is just a fluid that elevates the shine of the nails and hardens it. It is used just before the gel top and after the dip powder. The nail bed is nourished by the EA bond and before dip powder is applied. The nails also derive shine from the gel top as well as protection from UV rays; thus, it should be the last coat to be applied.

SNS Pink and White Dipping Powder

There is a vast spectrum of SNS colors to choose from, especially when you visit professional nail supplies. There are both fleshy and natural pink colors. These are most ideal for those who prefer healthy and natural-looking nails with no much glam or glitz.

SNS French Dip Kit

This is an excellent option for the traditional French manicure lovers. If you are not so much worried about the health of your nails and you want to try out a dipping powder treatment, the SNS French dip covers all your needs. It comes with all the essential coats and bases. It also has French white, neutral, and pink colors. There is a French tip line that comes in handy when you want that perfect white dip of the white color on the nails.

SNS Nail Dipping Powder Gelous Color – 9 Bright Colors Summer Collection (SNS Summer)

This kit is for the people who love it when they have vibrant colors on their nails. The SNS Dipping Powder Gelous Colors contains a range of 9 dipping summer shades.

SNS Nails Gelous Color Kits, Nude Collection (SNS Nude)

Rather than flesh and pink tones, the SNS Nails Gelous Color Kit comes in a massive collection of colors. The users of this are assured of a more comprehensive range of powders than the white tip and French pink manicure.


There are many dip powder kits that you can try out, but the SNS kits stand out unique and luxurious. There is still hope for your nails if the thought of traditional gels and acrylics no longer crosses your mind. You need to visit the professional nail supplies and choose from the continuum of SNS colors available. Besides, an SNS manicure is a great way to make your nails stronger. For SNS nails, you do not need your prior knowledge about nails because it’s an entirely new idea. You can have the manicure in the salon or at home, but at the end of the day, you will have it on longer than any other manicure on the planet. Besides, it is easy to apply and remove and leaves your nails looking glamorous than ever before.