SNS Dipping Powder Color – Center of Attraction on Social Media

If you keep flipping through Instagram posts looking out for nail designs, you must be obsessed with beauty. Now, there should not be anything wrong with such obsessions. As a woman, you have the birthright to look beautiful and enhance your overall personality as you grow up. Having well-manicured nails is one of the best ways to look presentable. SNS dipping powder color can play a significant role in making you look more beautiful than ever. Thus, you can become the subject of attraction for others on Instagram and other social media channels.

What is so special about dipping powder?

Naturally, this question should come to mind. When we say that dipping powder is better than the traditional nail polish procedures, we do so with some solid backing. Though dipping powder is in existence since the early 1980s, it retains its position as the most preferred nail manicure procedure even today.

Dipping powder is better than gel or acrylic nail polish because of various reasons.

  • Acrylic nail polish can lead to chipping away of nails, whereas dipping powder is one of the safest manicures.
  • Gel polish needs you to dry the nail polish under a UV lamp. Ultraviolet radiation can prove harmful to the skin. Dipping powder does not require much drying because the topcoat dries almost as quickly you apply it on the nails.
  • Dipping powder manicures last easily for three weeks without requiring a topping up procedure.
  • Applying dipping powder is easy. Removing the dipping powder polish is also a straightforward affair.
  • Dipping powders are available in a fantastic array of colors. SNS is renowned the world over for its vibrancy and excellent quality.
  • If done correctly, dipping powder manicures are one of the most hygienic procedures. You do not go around with smelly fingers all over the place.

The Easy Application Procedure

As we understand that dipping powder is a better manicure than others, we should have an idea of how to apply dip powder to our nails.

  • Prepare your best SNS nails for the dip powder job. Use a high-quality nail cutter to shape the nails. The filing of the nails is essential to remove the sharp edges. Buff your nails using a sterilized nail buff. It makes the nail surface smooth and easy to apply dip powder polish.
  • Push the cuticles into the skin by using a nail cuticle pusher. One should not apply too much force, or you might risk damaging the skin at the nail base.
  • Apply a Basecoat to your nail and dip your nails into SNS dipping powder of your choice. A hygienically better option would be to take some dipping powder in a separate bowl and dip your nails in it. After using it for all your nails, you can throw it away. Thus, you prevent the spreading of nail infections to subsequent users.
  • Shake the fingers to let the excess dipping powder to fall off. Repeat the procedure to get a thicker coat.
  • Apply the activator gel and let it bond with the dipping powder. The procedure does not take much time.
  • Use a gentle brush and apply the topcoat layer delicately over the dipping powder. It gives your nail the shine and also makes it last longer.
  • The topcoat dries almost immediately. Therefore, you need not go through the UV drying procedure.
  • Repeat the entire procedure with all your nails. You can choose different colors for your nails to enhance the fashion quotient.
  • Your dipping powder nail manicure is over. It will now last for a minimum of three weeks. You can have a fantastic time showing your nails off on Instagram.

The Dipping Powder Removal job

If applying dipping powder was easy, removing the polish after three weeks is also simple.

  • Use a sterilized nail file to scrape away at the topcoat gently. One should not apply force, as it could cause the chipping of the nail.
  • Place a cotton ball dipped in acetone over the nail to cover it entirely. Tie an aluminum wrap over the cotton ball to keep it in place.
  • Please wait for a minimum of 20 to 25 minutes for the acetone to do its job.
  • Remove the wrap and the cotton ball. The dipping powder should automatically fall off.
  • Repeat the procedure for all your fingers.
  • Please wash your nails with soap and water and allow it to dry.
  • Let your nails breathe naturally for a couple of days before applying a fresh coat of dip powder.


Every woman in the world has a preference when it comes to nail manicures. However, there would seldom be a woman who has not tried out the dipping powder nail manicure. When you have quality products like SNS dip powder color, you should not hesitate to try out the procedure and have one of the best nail manicures in town. You will indeed become the center of attraction all over Instagram.