How to Keep Blackheads at Bay

Blackheads are a common form of comedonal acne. They can be cumbersome to get rid of and very ungainly to look at. But the right skincare combined with patience can help keep blackheads in check.

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Tips for Blackhead Prevention

1. Control the urge to pick at them.  This can transfer more oil and germs to the affected area and cause inflammation and infection. It can also lead to additional skin problems and even scarring,

2. Remember to use SPF. Never step out in the sun without using a good sunscreen or sunblock. UV-rays can damage the skin and aggravate the blackhead condition.

3. Use quality makeup.  Use makeup specifically meant for acne-prone skin and avoid anything that is likely to add more oils to clog your skin.

4. Do not skip the moisturizer. Although you need to keep the skin oil-free, it is also important that you keep it nourished and hydrated. Choose a water-based moisturizer to help you do this.

5. Invest in a good cleanser. Most cleansers with AHA or BHA are good for treating and preventing blackheads. Salicyclic acid washes are a popular effective cleansing choice.

6. Exfoliate regularly. While it is important to exfoliate your skin to keep it clear of blackheads, also remember to not over-exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin can dry it out quickly, so choose exfoliators specifically meant for blackheads.

7. Be careful with blackhead removing aides. Pore-Strips and face-masks flood the market. They can be easy to use but they can also cause damage to your skin if used incorrectly. Choose the best blackhead remover suited to your skin type and comfort level. Remember that methods that provide instant results may not always clear your skin the best. Always patch test such products for reactions like redness or dryness.

7. Use retinoids. Sometimes a dermatologist-approved topical retinoid can work wonders. Consider asking for a prescription especially if you also have scarring.

8. Take your dermatologist’s advice. Your skin specialist can be a good guide for skin products be it soaps, makeup, or blackhead removal tools. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice as the internet may not always provide you with accurate information.

If your blackheads are really severe, do not experiment with your skin. Consider going for medical treatment like a chemical peel. Remember the skin is an important organ of your body, so treat it as you would any other body part and take a doctor’s advice as and when needed. You may have to check with your insurance to understand what treatment options you can go for without burning a hole in your pocket.

Most importantly, drink lots of fluids, maintain a good sleep cycle, and reduce mental stress. A healthy mind can reflect on the health of your skin so try and remain as worry-free as possible. Patience is the golden ingredient in any skincare routine for effective long-term results. It is no different when it comes to treating and preventing blackheads.