About Us

Jessica’s Background

Jessica Gonzalez, a talented hairdresser + beauty/life coach, recognizes her passion for the art of styling  & cutting hair, transforming it with dedication and style. She differentiates herself with her natural gift of helping women gain self confidence and look great!

Jessica is a transformation artist, she believes she can impact lives with her abilities as a hairdresser as well as with her knowledge as a life coach. Her degree in Psychology enables her to lift your spirit and make you smile. She will coach you on ways to employ powerful mantras to make your inner beauty shine and help you feel inspired! Her passion is creating a fashionable look that fits each client using different hair cuts and styles while recommending the most suitable hair color for each of these masterpieces.

She has received an extensive training in Miami & New York. You can rest assured that from traditional hair styles to the newest hair cutting trends you will always get a distinctive and fabulous look.

***Complimentary 30 minute life coaching session with any hair service on your first appointment!***