How to Choose the Best Shampoos for Stronger, Healthier, and Longer Hair

Research studies have indicated that there is a natural growth of human hair in about quarter an inch to half an inch each month. But, growing those hair locks could be quite tricky, especially for impatient guys. Yes, you have one hack to trim split ends and promote hair growth, but that won’t be quick at all. Therefore, speeding up the process of hair growth ultimately lies in the hands of best shampoos.

shampoo for healthy hair


Fortunately, we have good news about countless products available out there that can effectively boost hair growth. Vitamins such as B, C, A, D, E, and zinc, iron are just some supplements to be consumed daily for hair growth. Even the best shampoos contain these ingredients. That’s great, right? When we are introduced to natural proteins in such products, it would be super easy to get that healthy and long hair of your dreams.

What Should You Look for in the Right Shampoo?

With the right shampoo, you will feel all the difference in scalp and hair health. Experts always recommend choosing a product that is designed specifically for your hair type. For instance, if you have coarse and dry hair, the use of clarifying shampoos may not be the best choice. It will feel overly stripping on your coarse and dry hair. According to a report of doctors by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), different shampoo products are designed for different kinds of hairs, for sure.

Most shampoos have a soapy substance called surfactants that will help remove dirt and oil. Then, other ingredients are added to give the feel and scent. On the other hand, oily hair shampoos contain more soap and gentle as compared to products for dry hair. 

And, if you frequently color hair, look for gentler and sulfate-free shampoos. 

Different Kinds of Shampoos

There are different kinds of shampoos you can choose from. Each of them is designed for specific purposes and hair types.

Keratin Shampoos

Keratin oil in shampoo is known to be the super ingredient that worked well for many acro buzzwords. It is not another fad but a powerful ingredient you should want in a shampoo. When you shampoo your hair with infused keratin oil, it will better help condition and nourish the hairs. Keratin Shampoos will provide an extra layer of protection needed for hair growth. When you maintain your hairs this way, they will last longer than usual.


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