Top 6 Best Korean Anti-Aging Products for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Korean skin care products have become famous worldwide due to their wide range of applications, inclusive action for every skin type and the wonderful results they show. One of such products is the Korean anti-aging skin care series. For all the people out there who are worried of wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and all the other signs of aging, your worries are over, as the amazing Korean anti-aging products are there to help you. It’s time to say goodbye to all the aging signs by using the following Korean anti-aging products.

ETUDE HOUSE Moist full Collagen Cream

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In the world of Korean skin care products, ETUDE HOUSE is a well-known name. The Moist full Collagen cream consists of very tiny particles of super collagen water. These particles easily diffuse into the open pores of the skin, causing them to shrink in size and become tighter. The moisture slowly delivers into the skin providing long lasting hydration. These amazing anti-aging properties leave the skin perfectly soft, smooth and youthful. The product has non greasy texture which gives a natural and matte finish on the skin.

SKIN & LAB Advanced Dermatology Korean Skin Care – Vitamin C Serum

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Skin & Lab has formulated the best vitamin C serum for aging skin. Not only it has vitamin C, this serum comes with several other skin nutritive components. Most of the ingredients are natural so they act gently on skin and penetrate slowly into the skin. They provide moisturization and nourishment to the skin cells, allowing them to uplift and exfoliate. This restores the health of the skin and makes it look younger than its age. It also tightens loose skin so no more wrinkly skin is seen in the neck and eyes region if you use the serum regularly.

Kisskin Anti-Aging Korean Face Mask

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The Kisskin face mask is perfect to reduce and treat the signs of aging. It helps the sun burned skin to heal and lets the skin restore moisture. It also helps in treating inflammation and skin allergies. The reduction in aging signs makes you look younger and fresher. It is suitable for all skin types as the ingredients are totally vegan. It is a cruelty free product which is clinically approved to be used for aging skin. (more…)

SNS Dipping Powder Color – Center of Attraction on Social Media

If you keep flipping through Instagram posts looking out for nail designs, you must be obsessed with beauty. Now, there should not be anything wrong with such obsessions. As a woman, you have the birthright to look beautiful and enhance your overall personality as you grow up. Having well-manicured nails is one of the best ways to look presentable. SNS dipping powder color can play a significant role in making you look more beautiful than ever. Thus, you can become the subject of attraction for others on Instagram and other social media channels.

What is so special about dipping powder?

Naturally, this question should come to mind. When we say that dipping powder is better than the traditional nail polish procedures, we do so with some solid backing. Though dipping powder is in existence since the early 1980s, it retains its position as the most preferred nail manicure procedure even today.

Dipping powder is better than gel or acrylic nail polish because of various reasons.

  • Acrylic nail polish can lead to chipping away of nails, whereas dipping powder is one of the safest manicures.
  • Gel polish needs you to dry the nail polish under a UV lamp. Ultraviolet radiation can prove harmful to the skin. Dipping powder does not require much drying because the topcoat dries almost as quickly you apply it on the nails.
  • Dipping powder manicures last easily for three weeks without requiring a topping up procedure.
  • Applying dipping powder is easy. Removing the dipping powder polish is also a straightforward affair.
  • Dipping powders are available in a fantastic array of colors. SNS is renowned the world over for its vibrancy and excellent quality.
  • If done correctly, dipping powder manicures are one of the most hygienic procedures. You do not go around with smelly fingers all over the place.


Top Hair and Nail Care Tips for 2020

Hair and nails, though made of dead cells, are capable of making you look lively. Especially your hair is noticed clearly as it is a part of your face. It speaks volumes about your grooming skills and your health. To make that unspoken impression the best one, you need to maintain them well.

Below given are the products that help you nourish and rebuild your hair and nails. When you use them along with the top hair and nail care tips included alongside the products, then you will see the best results.

Best Hair Care Products

HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb

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The thinning of hair is reversible using laser treatment for hair. They also help in regrowth of denser and fuller hair. Laser need not mean only clinical treatment or expensive treatment. Now laser combs are available to treat yourself at your convenience. This laser comb has a patented hair parting technology to part your hair and allows easy penetration of laser.

The medical-grade lasers treat the full scalp by targeting the follicles. You can treat your hair problems by using it three times per week for 11 minutes in every session. Further, this is the best laser hair growth devices comb being the most innovative and the easiest way to regrow your hair.

Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin

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Natural and pure ingredients infused hair oil stimulates effective hair growth and makes it grow more reliable and faster. It reduces frizz and makes the hair smooth and shiny. Nourishing the hair using the anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, biotin, minerals, and protein-loaded oil results in thick and healthy hair.

It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and free from harmful chemicals. The cruelty-free oil blend is gentle and speeds up the hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. (more…)

How to Keep Blackheads at Bay

Blackheads are a common form of comedonal acne. They can be cumbersome to get rid of and very ungainly to look at. But the right skincare combined with patience can help keep blackheads in check.

blackhead remover

Tips for Blackhead Prevention

1. Control the urge to pick at them.  This can transfer more oil and germs to the affected area and cause inflammation and infection. It can also lead to additional skin problems and even scarring,

2. Remember to use SPF. Never step out in the sun without using a good sunscreen or sunblock. UV-rays can damage the skin and aggravate the blackhead condition.

3. Use quality makeup.  Use makeup specifically meant for acne-prone skin and avoid anything that is likely to add more oils to clog your skin.

4. Do not skip the moisturizer. Although you need to keep the skin oil-free, it is also important that you keep it nourished and hydrated. Choose a water-based moisturizer to help you do this.

5. Invest in a good cleanser. Most cleansers with AHA or BHA are good for treating and preventing blackheads. Salicyclic acid washes are a popular effective cleansing choice.

6. Exfoliate regularly. While it is important to exfoliate your skin to keep it clear of blackheads, also remember to not over-exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin can dry it out quickly, so choose exfoliators specifically meant for blackheads.


An Easy Method to Choose Beard Grooming Products for Men

The fashion industry is flooding with products, and no wonder there are as many men’s products emerging day by day as women’s owing to the growing male fashion interests. Having relevant products is good, but too many of them are hard as choice making is not men’s game, especially when they need to learn about each ingredient used.

beard oils for black men


Beard Fashion

Product makers realized the gap, and now they are making it easy for them to pick the right product by labeling them aptly for the required job. After all, their success also depends on reaching the right consumer. Most of the fashion products are aimed at beard fashion, as that is the new trend that is rocking the ramps, offices, colleges, and streets. Beard grooming is a 10-minute task but makes a significant difference in your appearance.

Right Label

Nowadays, you can find new labels like black men who were not a norm earlier. Black men need to use specialized beard oils for black men as they are purposefully tailored to help the typical issues that specifically bother them. This classification is working well as it is comfortable for the buyer and profitable for the maker.

Everything Is Not In Order

Not all products are labeled for your skin color or type or age and still need some basic knowledge of what goes into them to find the best product. But as discussed earlier, this is not the ideal way for men, but I have a better solution. The trial and error method. Yes, it is a bit costly if you fail, but little prior preparation will keep you on track.


SNS Dipping Powder Nails Review 2020

Manicure lovers have a love-hate relationship with their nails. Most ladies cannot stand used, abused, discolored, broken, cracked, unhealthy or naked nails. However, facing the fear of broken nails is what we are left with when there is no polish. The fact is a life without beautiful nails is almost impossible, yet chemical treatments, gels, and acrylics that we rely upon do us more harm than good. Nonetheless, the question remains, are we willing to jeopardize the health of our nails for beauty? Maybe you are one of those who love decorating their nails, but then the destruction that comes with it keeps you worried. A time has come when you have to consider nail manicure alternatives.

Within the last few years, salon nail treatments have been revolutionized by significant breakthroughs. Also, if you are the kind of a person who likes DIY manicures at the comfort of your home but then you are looking for a less abrasive, faster, cheaper, and healthier alternative from your previous type of manicure then you should go for SNS dip nails.

After applying SNS dip powders, the brush used in the process tends to dry out if not taken care of. Just as a precaution, make sure that you learn how to use your SNS kit, especially taking care of the brush that you use. A paper towel is needed for wiping the brushes after use. It is also required together with acetone to clean the bottle edges. Refills for SNS powders are not recommended. It is necessary to get rid of the old colors before acquiring new ones. SNS dipping powder colors are available in 1 oz. They also come in different sizes, namely 2, 4, and 16 oz. Users should also be aware of how they can prevent a manicure lift off. Any existing cuticles need to be filed away before the gel base is applied. Further, you should apply the gel over any cuticle. Also, keep a ¾ gap between the cuticle and the point where you start applying the gel base.     

SNS Bases and Sealers

An SNS nail kit and a base sealer are the first thing that you need for a dip powder manicure. Every nail kit comes with an EA bond, sealer dry, a gel base, and a gel top. Your nails derive strength from the gel base because it contains vitamin E and calcium, allowing the nails to grow thicker. Sealer dry is just a fluid that elevates the shine of the nails and hardens it. It is used just before the gel top and after the dip powder. The nail bed is nourished by the EA bond and before dip powder is applied. The nails also derive shine from the gel top as well as protection from UV rays; thus, it should be the last coat to be applied.


How to Choose the Best Shampoos for Stronger, Healthier, and Longer Hair

Research studies have indicated that there is a natural growth of human hair in about quarter an inch to half an inch each month. But, growing those hair locks could be quite tricky, especially for impatient guys. Yes, you have one hack to trim split ends and promote hair growth, but that won’t be quick at all. Therefore, speeding up the process of hair growth ultimately lies in the hands of best shampoos.

shampoo for healthy hair

Image: Pucebeauty

Fortunately, we have good news about countless products available out there that can effectively boost hair growth. Vitamins such as B, C, A, D, E, and zinc, iron are just some supplements to be consumed daily for hair growth. Even the best shampoos contain these ingredients. That’s great, right? When we are introduced to natural proteins in such products, it would be super easy to get that healthy and long hair of your dreams.

What Should You Look for in the Right Shampoo?

With the right shampoo, you will feel all the difference in scalp and hair health. Experts always recommend choosing a product that is designed specifically for your hair type. For instance, if you have coarse and dry hair, the use of clarifying shampoos may not be the best choice. It will feel overly stripping on your coarse and dry hair. According to a report of doctors by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), different shampoo products are designed for different kinds of hairs, for sure.

Most shampoos have a soapy substance called surfactants that will help remove dirt and oil. Then, other ingredients are added to give the feel and scent. On the other hand, oily hair shampoos contain more soap and gentle as compared to products for dry hair. 

And, if you frequently color hair, look for gentler and sulfate-free shampoos. 

Different Kinds of Shampoos

There are different kinds of shampoos you can choose from. Each of them is designed for specific purposes and hair types.

Keratin Shampoos

Keratin oil in shampoo is known to be the super ingredient that worked well for many acro buzzwords. It is not another fad but a powerful ingredient you should want in a shampoo. When you shampoo your hair with infused keratin oil, it will better help condition and nourish the hairs. Best keratin shampoos will provide an extra layer of protection needed for hair growth. When you maintain your hairs this way, they will last longer than usual.


Beauty Therapy Hair Studio

Beauty Therapy Hair Studio is an innovative and unique concept that combines the art of Beauty & Hair styling with a touch of positive thoughts from Psychology & Life Coaching.

We have reunited the talent and passion of a hairdresser with her natural gift of helping women gain self confidence and look great !

At Beauty Therapy Hair Studio, we are determined to help our clients feel beautiful on the outside and also bring out a sparkle of their inner beauty. Making each client feel fabulous, authentic, and beautiful is our commitment.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.- Eleanor Roosevelt

Beauty Therapy Hair Studio is distinguished by creativity and technical skills in hair design allowing us to offer a professional service to our clients in combination with great advise on the latest fashion, hair & beauty trends.

Hairstylists perform a vital contribution to the self  confidence of women, that is why Beauty Therapy is the perfect place to enjoy a remarkable full hair service experience while highlighting your external beauty and your inner soul. 

If you are planning to go to an event and look great, or maybe you are  celebrating a special occasion; if you want a new look or just need to be fueled with positive energy and feel beautiful, contact us to schedule an appointment!